Product Boutique

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At The Hookah Lounge and Full Retail Boutique, we carry the best because you deserve the best. We ONLY use and sell top-of-the-line products and accessories, because at The Hookah Lounge, quality matters. If you love how our hookahs smoke in our lounge, then visit our boutique to purchase everything you need to have an equally top-notch smoking experience at home.


We are the ONLY hookah lounge and retail boutique in South Carolina that carries the infamous Tangiers Brand. Tangiers is a premier American hookah tobacco producer in Southern California; their tobacco is made by hand and produced in small batches to ensure it is the highest–quality brand out there. We use and sell Tangiers brand because it is an ultra-premium shisha brand that is preferred by hookah snobs worldwide.

Every shisha blend used and sold at The Hookah Lounge is a custom mix created in-house. From Arabian coffee and Hawaiian punch to house-made blends, more than 25 shisha flavors can fill The Hookah Spot’s elegant glass-bodied pipes. Not only does this mean that you will not find our unique blends anywhere else, but it also means you can count on us having new and interesting blends for you to try throughout the year.


Our Khalil Mamoon hookahs are hand–crafted in Egypt with hand-welded steel stems and hand-painted glass vases. We use and sell all American and Egyptian made hookahs and accessories so that you can count on a quality hookah experience.


We also use and sell the highest quality accessories available on the market today, including Dream Hoses, Phunnel Bowls, All-Natural Coals, and the Lotus Heat Management System (which keeps the shisha burning evenly so that the smoke is less harsh and you can taste the flavor longer).